League of Legends

Kalista’s serious bug in LoL causes the heroine to attack twice with each auto attack

Kalista’s basic attack can deal double the damage and apply double on-hit effects.

There are numerous bugs in League of Legends, and some of them can make a real difference to your gameplay. In extreme cases, heroes are disabled when their abilities can be used in serious exploits like was the case with Ornn or Kayn.

This time around, a fairly serious bug has been discovered with Kalista, whose basic attack can hit twice.

Kista’s auto attack bug

The bug was discovered and shown to the community by Vandiril in a short clip on one of his social media profiles. At the moment, it is not known if the bug occurred because patch 11.17 contained a fix for another bug, but given that the character did not receive any other changes, you can guess that the two changes to the gameplay are related.

The bug allows Kalista to fire two auto-attacks with every right-click on an opponent. More interestingly, Kalista can choose to fire a second attack on both the first and other targets. This allows you to obtain an effect similar to the one that is achievable only after purchasing Runaan’s Hurricane, but the heroine does not need to have an item.

The bug causes Kalista’s base damage with attacks to be doubled. The heroine is also able to stack E – Rend stacks much faster.

On the first level, Kista’s single attacks can take up to 163 HP, and when you take Doran’s Blade into account, this number increases to 170. Thanks to such huge damage, knocking down an enemy on the first or second level is not a problem at all. Especially when it comes to abilities like Q and E.

Riot Games has not yet addressed the heroine’s problem at the moment. Due to the fact that the bug is really serious, the character should be disabled soon until a bugfix is released on the servers.