League of Legends

Karma from LoL receives a visual rework, what do the new skills of the heroine look like?

A new look for Karma’s ability from League of Legends.

Riot Games updates old characters from time to time. Karma is one of them, and as some older players probably remember, a few years ago it underwent major changes, receiving both visual and skill rework.

Now it turns out that it will get a small update of VFX again, but only on the basic version. How will it look like?

Karma’s VFX

Riot Games changes various older champions from time to time to match their animations and appearance to the new League of Legends atmosphere. Currently, the developer is working on a full rework of Dr. Mundo, but this did not prevent them from slightly tweaking Karma.

As explained by Riot Beardilocks, the skill change is aimed at deepening the colors, better synchronization, increasing clarity, and balancing the elements of Q.

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Rioter also adds that he ran out of time to improve the skins, so the change only applies to its basic version. At the moment, it is not known when VFX will be introduced to the official servers. This will likely be the next Update 11.11, coming Wednesday, May 26th.