Lifesteal against minions and monsters in LoL should be reduced?

Players complain about too much lifesteal on the line.

We have a lot of basic stats in League of Legends, one of which is Lifesteal. It helps characters to stand on the line, heal themselves while fighting the Baron or Drake, and win duels.

However, the community dislikes that some characters benefit from it far more than others. Among others, it is about Yasuo, Samira, Yona, and more.

“Let’s limit lifesteal”

Lifesteal is an offensive statistic that heals us for a percentage of the damage dealt. It is equally effective against heroes, minions, and monsters, and this is what is currently controversial. Gamers feel that it doesn’t make any sense when survival on the line changes dramatically after purchasing one small item.

Reducing the healing against minions to 25% and monsters in the jungle to 50% will help here.

Although the author of the idea has been endorsed by the community, commentators have pointed out another factor that makes the healing value so big.

The issue with Yas Yone Samira is they all have abilities that benefit from lifesteal.

If the sword brothers couldn’t lifesteal off Q their healing would be more than halved. Nobody whines about ADCs with shieldbow lifestealing. Because they can’t go auto Q auto Q auto to heal for half their hp bar in 2 seconds of combat. Oh and they don’t scale as fast as Yas and Yone so it actually takes time for them to see noticeable numbers from their auto heals.

Players also add that currently Yone or Yasuo, after making one item that gives a few percent of life steal, is able to heal more on the line than Vladimir, whose main mechanic is to steal health.

Will Riot do something about it? It is not known, but such a big change of this statistic will not take place in the next few updates.