League of Legends

Lillia from LoL is becoming more and more popular. What makes the heroine cope on this lane?

What build works great for Lillia in the top lane?

Lillia is a heroine that was designed with the jungle in mind from the very beginning. This is indicated by nearly all the tools that the character received at the very beginning. However, it is worth taking into account the fact that the characters created for a given position may also find themselves elsewhere. A good example is Seraphine, whose main position was supposed to be mid, but players showed the creators that she works better as a support.

But what is the situation in the case of the discussed Lillia? In Update 11.14, she received extensive changes that significantly improved her uninteresting situation. The amendments also opened the door for the heroine in the top lane, which was expected by both players and developers (LoL players have some concerns, will Lilla’s changes lead to her being played on TOP?).

Lillia on top

First, it’s worth taking a look at Lillia’s general flaws. Any player who has had contact with this character is surely aware of the heroine’s low base HP. Because of this, the early game is not easy to play. Lillia focuses on hitting opponents with damage over time, but finishing her target is truly unusual. Q, which is the primary damage tool, may be too easy to avoid if used in a predictable way.

After her skill set has been adjusted, the heroine has a really limited amount of mana, and the cooldowns have been increased. For this reason, a build using Frozen Heart is able to correct many of the aforementioned drawbacks.

Strengths of build with Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart not only increases armor, which helps in the fight against bruisers and ADC, but also strengthens two very important statistics in the early game – ability haste and mana. This fits perfectly with the heroine’s needs and compensates for her basic low health. Lillia can be more confident in lane exchanges and team fights. Additionally, her passive ability allows her to slow her targets with basic attacks, which can help with ability hits.

Weaknesses of the build

A noticeable drawback to the build is its effectiveness only against physical damage heroes. The armor guaranteed by Frozen Heart will not be useful against characters such as Vladimir, Rumble or Syndra. Also, when fighting a team that has a lot of CC, getting close to enemies can end up getting caught and quickly dropping out of team fight.

The build is also definitely better for teams where you can observe weaker communication due to the fact that Lillia is very susceptible to damage and is not able to protect her team in any way. Teams, where players get along better, will be much better at defending their most valuable allies.


Lillia is a great pick in Update 11.16 that will do well with bruisers. Before picking her, however, it is worth paying attention to who is in the opposite and allied team due to the fact that it is a situational choice. In good conditions, Lillia will be an unstoppable force that can also provide a lot of fun.