List of LoL champions who will get Prestige skins in 2021. The first skin since 2018 for…

Riot has officially confirmed the list of characters who can expect prestigious skins later this year.

According to the previous information, the developers actually wanted to refresh this topic of Prestige skins and awards, but as we read in the official announcement:

“Some of the Rioters working on this update have moved to other teams with great needs. We think it’s a good decision to bring as much content as possible across all Riot games, but it also means our update will be delayed until 2022.”

So this year everything will stay the same. Big changes are not to be expected, although we will definitely have more details at the end of 2021 on how Riot wants to change Prestige skins and everything related to them.

Who will get the Prestige skins in 2021?

As the original message was issued, we finally know who the chosen ones are. Bear in mind that champions will not change anymore.

  • Moon Monster Fiora,
  • Rhythm of Space Lulu,
  • CODE NAME: Sylas,
  • Pantheon Ruined (will be released in patch 11.14),
  • LeBlanc (to a previously released skin),
  • Kayn,
  • Volibear,
  • Brand.

It is worth mentioning Kayn, who recently got his skin in 2018. He is the only member of the “1000 days club” at the moment, although some also have a hard time. For example, Fiddlesticks has been waiting for his skin for 954 days.

For prestige points:

  • Battle Academy Leona,
  • Invincible Jax,
  • CODE NAME: Zed,
  • Morgana (When entering the pre-order skin for 975 RP, the Prestige version will include additional features compared to the base skin, making the other 1350 RP skins worth the same value as the prestige versions).

“The good thing about this delay is that 2020 Prestige Points are valid until the end of 2021 (yes, we could release the 2021 points version at this point). Players who complete all the 2020 and 2021 event card milestone missions , will be able to earn a total of 400 Prestige Points. As a result, the last Prestige Points store has been postponed to December. During this time, you will have access to all skins from the 2020 and 2021 series. “

So it is confirmed that other games influenced League of Legends and the speed of adding new products, introducing new systems and changes. Ultimately, this year everything will stay the same.