LoL 11.15 – Who’s going to get the nerf and who’s the buff? Nerfs for Korea’s TOP 1, a weakening of Irelia and more

List of characters that will receive fixes in the upcoming patch.

League of Legends regularly receives updates that are designed to maintain the balance of the game. Players often pay attention to characters whose win ratio is too low or too high, which would be corrected by nerfs or buffs.

Creators have a habit of sharing patch candidate lists in advance in patches, before what exactly is changed is even released.

Who will get the changes?

System changes

  • Hullbreaker


Some of these weaknesses were, of course, predictable. Players reading Mixrod know perfectly well that Aurelion Sol practically had to be nerfed. He’s been ruling the mid-lane not only in Korea but on all the other servers above platinum for the last few updates.

  • Annie
  • Aurelion Sol
    • Rioter explained the context of these changes – Champion at the elite level has maintained a win rate of 57.3% for the last two updates. In both patch 11.13 and patch 11.14, it was the highest win ratio in the elite MMR. However, it does not have the highest win rate among onetricks and the data does not indicate that it would be caused by a low play rate.
  • Gwen
  • Irelia

Irelia did not enjoy her popularity for too long. She had her five minutes, and now Riot has decided to nerf her. Of course, it is not known yet how much, but you can suspect that it will be more than a light nerf.

  • Kayle (Mid),
  • Sylas,
  • Thresh,
  • Viego (lane),

Viego is also very strong at the moment, people are complaining about him a lot, so nerfs shouldn’t surprise anyone either.

  • Wukong.


  • Blitzcrank,
  • Caitlyn,
  • Cassiopeia,
  • Kennen,
  • Mordekaiser,
  • Nidalee,
  • Rell,
  • Shyvana,
  • Syndra,
  • Xayah.

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Champion fixes

  • Rumble,
  • Dr. Mundo.

In addition, Riot Maxw3ll announced how Lilla’s changes for patch 11.14 turned out. Her winrate is stable and does not exceed 50%, but the heroine has minor problems at skilled/elite levels. The creators would like to address them, but first, they want to make sure that the character will not be too strong on the professional stage.