LoL player recorded the perfect combo of Ezereal and Poppy that hardly ever happens

Great play by Ezreal and Poppy that gave Darius no chance.

League of Legends is a game that is over 10 years old. More experienced players must have seen a whole lot of amazing plays before.

However, there are also actions that can amaze not only novice players, but also those with long experience. A great example is the Poppy and Ezreal combo that became a hit on Reddit.

Ezreal and Poppy

Probably everyone knows about the complications of amazing plays that appear on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and more. To do some, the authors needed many hours of practice on a given character, while others are a result of chance and luck.

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The one presented by a Reddit user with the nickname GuldborgCast combines both. He predicted Poppy would use her ultimate and, playing Ezreal, used the ult at the perfect moment to hit his opponent in flight. How did it look like?

Such situations do not happen very often, as shows Poppy’s reaction, who was simply speechless and stood still. Some commenters also add that this is something new. Most often we can see amazing Thresh Hooks, Blitzcrank rakes, or Yasuo minion jumping, but this level of prediction is rare.