League of Legends

LoL players believe that these heroes have the most annoying lines that are impossible to listen to

Annoying lines of the heroes from League of Legends.

In League of Legends, we already have almost 160 different characters, each of them has unique dialogues both for people who play them, as well as for opponents and other heroes.

However, there are issues that do not please our ears, and when heard several times, they can irritate and force you to mute the game. Whose lines of the biggest MOBA game in the world are liked the least?

Characters that players think should not speak

An interesting discussion about champion voices has appeared on the largest League of Legends community forum. Commentators exchanged their views on various characters and their specific issues or even entire dialogues.

While it may seem like there’s always a hero that someone doesn’t like, there are some that the vast majority of players don’t like. Often the culprit is a specific interaction, a not-funny joke, and even a prickly laugh.

Here’s what lines League of Legends players don’t like:

  • Lulu
    • It’s mostly about laughter, and it’s hardly surprising that she is at the top of that list.
  • Lissandra
    • The heroine screams loudly when using Q, which is really often.
  • Twitch
    • His texts “Sneaky, Sneaky”, “I was hiding” appear when entering and exiting invisibility, and this usually ends with huge injuries that he will inflict on us. Consequently, as players say, they cannot listen to it anymore.
  • Lux
    • Laughter, especially if your opponent is spamming it.
  • Ashe
    • The heroine is constantly screaming.
  • Irelia
    • He’s still talking about Ionia.
  • Ivern
    • He must talk to everyone, he will not miss any monster camp without comment.
  • Seraphine
    • It is mainly about her passive and the sounds made during ulting.

There are certainly more characters and each of us has someone to mute immediately, but it was the heroes above who collected the most votes.