League of Legends

LoL players cannot believe his luck. He was about to die, but got 2 kills instead

There was a lot of luck involved in some top action. The players are surprised that it has succeeded.

In League of Legends, it’s all about skill and cool-headedness when there’s a lot going on around the player. Sometimes, however, you also need a lot of luck. Players are often literally fractions of a second away from death, and the fate of the entire game can turn upside down because one skill hit the wrong way.

The LoL community knows very well spectacular situations where a player with a low health level suddenly makes a triple or quadra. It also happened that those who were ambushing were actually surprised themselves.

There are many possibilities and some actions will always surprise. One of them has recently been presented in the form of a short video. Its protagonist probably couldn’t believe that the whole situation turned out to be in his favor.

Surprising action on the top lane

The clip shared by one of the players shows a fragment of a certain game on top. It shows Garen and Urgot fighting each other. Heavily bruised and on fire, Garen decides to retreat and heads towards his second tower (counting from the center of the map). After a while, an enemy Master Yi runs out of the bushes, who sees the player as an easy target.

It would seem that the red team hero is about to die because his health bar is practically empty. Despite this, Garen decides to suddenly turn back and heads again to Urgot, who decides to ult him.

It would seem that it is impossible to get out of this situation favorably – two opponents, low health, being surrounded and helpless, because both summoner spells are on cooldown and there is no ally in the area. Nevertheless, the action ends differently than everyone expected.

Garen, who was supposed to be an easy target from the beginning, survives, which is quite a shock for many commentating players. What’s more, his tormentors are defeated – both Urgot and Master, who just a moment ago were very confident and counted an enemy as an easy kill.

Garen, who just a moment ago had nearly zero HP, ends up with a double kill, and thus – a cash flow. It is hard to imagine greater happiness.

According to some, the play presented above was one of the most impressive in a long time. The main character of the video will probably not forget about it for a long time.