LoL players don’t enjoy their game anymore? Is the community exhausted by the constant news?

League of Legends fans say that the game from Riotis not as fun as it used to.

League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world. For over 10 years, the title has been constantly evolving, the creators add many new champions, items, introduce various reworks, organize themed events with passes, and so on.

However, many people notice that from year to year something breaks down and the game is no longer as enjoyable as it used to be. What could be causing this?

League of Legends stopped being enjoyable?

One of the players mentioned LoL and its community. He asked if fans of the game could still enjoy their favorite title.

The League playerbase just sounds exhausted, and a lot of them don’t sound like they even enjoy the game. When they saw Akshan’s kit everyone let out a sigh and thought about how they have something new to worry about. Is there no excitement left in this community?

The player continued that he himself is a bit afraid of games in which the new champion will appear. Complaining about the new heroes’ skill sets feels like standard, and it’s no different here.

One commenter felt that he noticed his motivation to play was declining with each character released.

I would say that exhaustion is a good way to put it. I’m not threatening to quit with every champ release but lately I am a lot less motivated to play. I have given up grinding this season. I dont enjoy the current matchups/meta-game just is not for me. I trimmed it down too 1-2 games a week and I’m ok with that.

Another player wrote:

The experience definitely got worse that now I mostly play ARAM. Been playing since s6 and never touch ARAM back then. Nowadays I just don’t want to play SR because of all the match ups being so unfun to play for a mage player.

There were also comments from people who claimed that a few years ago they could not get themselves away from the game, and today they are limited to watching esports.

A few years ago I spammed solo queue matches to get a higher rank. After that, I only played a few ARAMs a day until I stopped playing it at all. Today I only watch the LEC sometimes.

The commentators tried to find the reasons for this state of affairs. Some people claimed that this is the fault of the sheer amount of new heroes, who often have tiring mechanics and players simply do not want to play against them. Others have argued that this is a meta issue that is currently quite unpleasant for some heroes.

There were also opinions that perhaps a lot of League fans just got bored with the game to the point when spending every free moment on Summoner’s Rift is no longer fun.