LoL textbooks in schools. Learning skills as homework is no longer surprising here

League of Legends shows up in schools, and this should come as no surprise to anyone.

The presence of computer games in schools has long ceased to surprise anyone. Teachers like to use Minecraft as a way of learning, for example, and we have heard of examples from Among Us more than once. Here is an excerpt from an exercise for learning English:

League of Legends also shows up in schools, especially those with esports profiles.

LoL textbooks

It turns out that there are special League of Legends textbooks in Korean schools. One of them was shared by Reddit user Cereal_Chicken. Thanks to the book, you can learn how basic skills, mechanics, etc. work.

What’s funny, the homework is to read a given chapter and then explain what the mechanics are, or what are the general rules of the game. However, it is not that everyone is delighted with it. As we read:

“Kids in Korea think this book is trash, being both boring and useless. Parents, of course, will be 100% against on their kids choosing this subject. (…)”

The book covers the basics of skills, heroes, and more. The author shows one of the pages and states what is on it:

  • It is hard for Garen to approach an enemy champion. Summoner spells must be used wisely.
  • Vladimir’s skill “cooldown time” is shortened drastically per skill level. Buying CDR items will ultimately be the most effective build.
  • Camille can use her E skill, which are hooks, to grab on to walls and leap to enemy champions when an indicator is visible.

In the comments on Reddit, you can see that many countries have developed such manuals, and people use them normally. Of course, they are intended primarily for younger people. It is rather difficult to imagine a 20-year-old reading a guide instead of watching YouTube videos.

For example, in Finland, some e-sport activities involve watching CS: GO clips and analyzing them – this could be of interest to students.