Lucian did not expect it at all – he was one-shotted with a normal skill

One player was shocked to die in a second from a skill that was not an ult.

As most players know, there are different types of heroes in League of Legends. Some of them are made to take a lot of damage while protecting their team.

Others, who often have a long-range, are usually fragile as their goal is to hit enemies from a distance. Characters that don’t have a lot of health or armor are usually called paper characters. It is obvious that such a champion will not last long in a fight, although the fact of getting one-shotted is always shocking for the player.

While quick execution by the hands of a fed assassin is not particularly unusual, a one-shot kill by a juggernaut may surprise you a bit. This was the case with a player who posted a video of one of the actions of his game.

One-shot by Sett

A player with the nickname Lerpamela posted a video on the Internet that shows the action on top. You can see a group of players getting ready to fight. In the number of kills, the author’s team has the advantage. At the time of the whole event, they have as many as 10 more kills (35 to 25).

The author, who plays Lucian, is doing quite well at the moment – 12 kills and almost 250 farms. In addition, he feels safe because he has almost the entire team with him.

At some point, Sett teleports to the top. Everyone around him starts fighting him. He uses his W – Face Breaker, after which Lucian disappears from the map in a split second. Bear in mind that he had full hp.

The author of the video was so shocked by the situation that he decided to share it on Reddit. Many commentators joked about the whole incident, although there were also those who were surprised that the characters from the juggernaut class were causing so much damage.