Manamune has been bugged with Draven from LoL since Update 9. What’s the problem?

Why shouldn’t you use Manamune on Draven until the bug is fixed?

In League of Legends, you can encounter a huge number of champions, items, runes, or skins, and each of these elements can have a significant impact on the gameplay or its readability. This time around, the problem is with Draven and the Manamune ADC, which is often used by everyone.

Players note that since the last 9th update, the hero has not been able to effectively stack up on the mentioned item. Why?

Manamune and Draven’s Basic Attacks

Draven is an ADC known mainly for his empowered auto attacks that can deal a lot of damage.

However, using them requires you to activate the skill Q – Spinning Axe. The player must focus not only on the gameplay but also on catching the axes falling after each attack. Technically speaking, however, this is the hero’s primary attack that should be stacking Manamune.

A player with the nickname ax_go_boing shared his thoughts on a problem that Draven has been struggling with for a long time. Regular basic attacks charge the item, and when activated, Q does not.

The problem came about when another bug related to the Tear of the Goddess and Draven’s ability was fixed.

Q — Spinning Axe no longer generates Tear of the Goddess mana boosts than it should.

At the moment, none of the Rioters have addressed the problem. The bug seems to be quite serious, as it precludes the use of a powerful item on the Draven at the moment, which is used by most other ADCs.

However, considering that the theme on Reddit has become very popular, it is hoped that the developers will notice it quickly and fix it.