Morgana of League of Legends soloed the dragon through the wall without losing health. How?

One of the players soloed a dragon through the wall without losing any HP.

There’s been a lot going on in the jungle on Summoner’s Rift lately. Riot announced a lot of changes, and previously modified the champions so that they went to the jungle. Some buffs seemed a bit weird and far-fetched to the community, but there were some that made champion a popular jungler very quickly.

A great example is Morgana, who until recently played 90% of her games as support. Everything has changed and she has turned from a support to a jungler, one who, according to the players, is really strong, and additionally has the highest win ratio among all junglers.

You can read more about Morgana and her success in the jungle in a separate article: Nerfs did nothing? He is currently by far the most banned character in the jungle in patch 11.9

A new way to kill the dragon

There is a video on the web showing Morgana fighting the dragon. Perhaps the term “fights” is not quite right here, because the heroine does not take any damage and the dragon is completely helpless.

As you can see – the character attacks the dragon and then hides behind the wall. She deals damage to him from a safe distance and the confused creature moves in a loop. Halfway through, the cutscene jumps to the next situation, in which you can see another dragon being also defeated using the same trick.

Players checked the trick and noticed that it was possible to perform it with other champions as well. You need the right range and the ability to deal more damage (that’s why some characters will have to buy more items). One of the commentators decided to defeat the dragon as above, playing as Ezreal, Ashe, or Caitlyn.