Netflix shows a new fragment from League of Legends series. What’s new about it?

The creators have published another video related to the animated series, the action of which takes place in the LoL universe.

The world of League of Legends is extremely extensive. While LoL is not a story-driven game, fans all over the world have been following lore’s development and claiming that it is incredibly addictive and full of colorful heroes, amazing stories, and interesting locations.

Some time ago, the creators announced that an animated series will be created that will tell the story of some of the heroes from Summoner’s Rift –Officially, the League of Legends series will appear on Netlix. Arcane will debut this fall. Lore game lovers look for every little leak on this topic. Riot is aware of this, so it releases new information from time to time. This time, a short movie with Jinx in the lead role appeared on the game’s official channel.

Arcane: A Score To Settle

The excerpt begins with a scene where Jinx is seen entering an abandoned room. The heroine walks around it and looks at various items that are there. At one point, something brings back memories that cause a sudden outburst of emotions.

There is also a video on the League of Legends channel in which developers talk about the new animated series. Rioters Christian Linke and Alex Yee took part in the interview. Both of them have worked in Riot for over 10 years and are co-founders of Arcane. The first one so far has been creating animated films, music videos, and even music for Pentakill songs, but now Arcane is the production of most of his time.

As you may already know, Arcane will be rolling out worldwide on Netflix this fall and on Tencent Video in China. We’re very excited to show you what to expect from the show.

Arcane is our love letter to you, players and fans who have been with us for years and helped us build and grow League of Legends.

When we decided to do Arcane, we knew it had to be something that would be an authentic representation of your favorite heroes. You will see them in a few stories from the past, but you will also see how they are pushing the world forward every day.

You can listen to the whole conversation here: