League of Legends

New official trailer for Project 2021 in League of Legends. What is known so far?

League of Legends players can almost certainly expect the return of the Project event.

Previously, everything was just guesswork, but now there is no doubt. Riot “accidentally” revealed a new skin yesterday, so we have two skins and one official trailer at the moment.

All dates are in question, but it is very possible that the full reveal of the skins will take place this evening, even before the update is described.

What is to be expected?

The exact list of characters that will receive the skin remains unknown at the moment. Riot, however, revealed Project Varus on its own. All this is part of his birthday and a collective artwork with several skins.

Yesterday, however, there was a graphic with Mordekaiser – he probably also applies to the movie trailer visible at the top.

Now all we have to do is wait for tonight – maybe then there will be more information about the upcoming skins.