League of Legends

New skins for LoL. Including a skin for a new character and a hero who has not received a skin since 2018

We got to know a few new skins that will appear in League of Legends.

On selected social profiles related to LoL, a preview of new skins that will appear soon in the game has appeared. There is no specific description of who it is yet, but you can guess (we’ll be sure in a moment).

  • Lillia,
  • Morgana,
  • Tryndamere,
  • Kayn,
  • Yone,
  • Vex.

The list is preliminary and is subject to change, but it shouldn’t.

The announcement is relatively unusual, because Riot has made it available only in certain places. Below you will see something like a teaser.

At the moment there is no presentation of skins in the game or splash arts. We will have to wait for all of this. However, it is not known how long and whether it is a matter of several minutes, several hours, or even days.