Officially, the League of Legends series will appear on Netlix. Arcane will debut this fall

The League of Legends animated series is coming to Netflix, there’s no doubt about that.

Arcane was originally supposed to appear in 2021, while the global situation in recent months meant that the premiere was postponed. Today, although no specific date has been set, it is already known that we should wait for autumn.

Another announcement has appeared on the official Netflix profile, confirming the fact that the series will tell the story of mainly two characters – Vi and Jinx. This series was announced in 2019: League of Legends will appear on Netflix, there is no doubt about it.

“The creators of League of Legends present a new animated series about the origin of two of League’s iconic characters – and the power that will separate them.”

Arcane premieres in Autumn 2021

The expectations are huge and definitely greater than in 2019 when the series was announced. We know that Riot has collaborated with Netflix so much that Arcane will not be available on any other streaming platform.

Is that all for the League of Legends series and movies? Definitely not. A dozen or so days ago, there were job offers for people who would deal with video production for Riot.

Immediately speculation began that Arcane made Riot excited, and probably the studio will be marching bolder in the direction of movies and series.