One of the LoL players has encountered a serious error that may occur while playing Malzahar

A bug with Malzahar that allows you to see where the opponent is at any given moment.

You can hear about the bugs that occur in League of Legends really often. Players regularly encounter bugs that occur while playing on Summoner’s Rift or other popular maps. Some of them have absolutely no influence on the game, while others, on the contrary, can change the result of a game on their own. Which group does the bug experienced by one of Malzahar’s players fall into?

Visibility in the fog of war?

Visibility is an extremely important element of League of Legends gameplay. Information about the whereabouts of a given enemy can prove to be extremely valuable in many situations. Wards are used to provide vision, but they disappear after some time, can be destroyed by enemies, and above all, their number is limited. But what if you could find out where the enemy is?

A bug experienced by a player with the nickname Hayden2204 was able to see Fiora’s exact position from the opposing team, which ultimately allowed his ally to get a kill.

The player admitted that by showing the ally the position of the opponent, he was only trying to prove to his friends that the error actually took place – it was a normal, which in his opinion was lost anyway.

Rioter also made a comment on the thread and guessed what was the cause of the error.

Appreciate you posting this. Did it happen after you used your ultimate and Fiora possibly used W to block it? That’s what my guess is and I’ll look at it Monday 🙂

The player admitted that it was exactly as Rioter said. Due to the fact that the problem has already reached the developers, it will probably be patched soon.