One of the skills of Akshan – a new character in LoL – was tested 5 years ago and was supposed to go to Camille

One of Akshan’s abilities was to belong to Camille. Which skill are we talking about?

Akshan – a character soon to be included in League of Legends. He is one of the Sentinels of Light. In his skill set, he has a rope that can drag himself to his surroundings.

The very idea of using a hook to move around is not something new to the LoL community – Camille has been known for this for many years. As it turns out, this heroine was to receive one of the skills of the newest character.

What could Camille’s E look like?

Jeevun “Jag” Sidhu – League Lead Summoner’s Rift Game Designer – confirmed that one of the upcoming LoL champion’s skills was inspired by Camille’s E first iterations. Rioter also shared a clip of Katarina being used as a test subject for the line. The movement itself is really similar to that offered by E Akshan.

I guess I can share this now.

Started this spell 5 years ago on Camille. Couldn’t find a way to make it useable.

Got another shot on a ranged champ and it worked much better. 🙂

The designer admitted that such accessible mobility was difficult to implement a few years ago due to the many interactions with Summoner’s Rift that were not yet available at the time. Camille was introduced to the game a little later, and her ability was much less extensive.

The Akshan Grapple, which is available under his E, has undergone many changes since his first concept. Despite moving in the same arc, the champion automatically targets opposing heroes and fires several projectiles at them before reaching them.

Although Camille eventually received a simpler skill that did not offer as much mobility, players were able to find out thanks to the designer that the concept was created and developed much earlier than the character’s debut.