League of Legends

One of Viktor’s skins from League of Legends will get a few fixes. What kind of?

What will Viktor’s skin look like after the VFX fixes?

The team of graphic designers working at the studio responsible for League of Legends has their hands full. Designers are constantly bringing new content to players, both in the form of visual heroes updates and in the form of smaller tweaks that hit the game.

This time, one of the Rioters decided to take a look at a certain Viktor skin that received a major update to the VFX some time ago.

Full Machine Viktor skin changes

Riot Beardilocks, who is responsible for the skin visual effects work, shared a clip where you can take a look at the new effects that one of Viktor’s skins will soon receive.

BEHOLD! Full Machine Viktor gets a recolor as a 975. A little late from his VFX update, but I’m having fun on my week off adding value. It’s a kind of chem-tech Viktor, like he went down to Zaun. Probably will reduce the brightness a little.

ALSO – Patch 11.8 in League of Legends

At the moment, it is not known when the patches would hit the live servers, but they can be expected in the next update – 11.9, which is scheduled for April 28.