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Outdone by Seraphine – Sona from LoL will get a rework, when and what will change?

A little Sona rework to help her get back into the game.

Once extremely popular, now seen very rarely. Sona is no longer so eagerly chosen in relation to the new heroine – Seraphine, who is very often compared to her by the LoL community.

She is also not doing very well in the new season. The developers noticed it and decided that it was a good opportunity for small changes for Sona. What will change and when will rework be introduced to the game?

Sona rework

The 2021 season is certainly not good for the Maven of the Strings. Not only is there a new and better version of her with stronger and less mana-costing abilities and ult, but also items do not seem to fit her playstyle. Therefore, Riot Games decided to change her a bit, which was announced at the end of March.

What is about to change?

  • Mana refund on Q / W / E has been removed and mana costs have been reduced.
  • Ultimate passive removed (base skill cooldown reduced)
  • Bonus Passive: Resonance – When Sona’s Basic Skills help allies or damage enemies, they stack up to the limit of these skills’ constant acceleration. After reaching it, the heroine will receive additional AP.

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It was announced tonight that the project has now been approved and Sona is currently in the “graphics resource allocation” phase which could mean new animations or visuals. It should hit the official League of Legends servers in late summer this year.