League of Legends

Over 120 autofill games – what roles were drawn the most? Experiment of one of the LoL players

One of the players decided to check which roles will be drawn most often in ranked games.

There is a lot to say about autofill, that is, choosing any role before starting the game. Some people genuinely hate being auto-filled because they often end up in positions they don’t like or can’t play. There are also those who do not care, and regardless of where the game assigns them – they will always give their best.

Many players wonder which positions in League of Legends come across most when it comes to a random role. One of them decided to check it on their own skin, so they conscientiously noted the results from over 120 rankings. What are the results?

Most frequently drawn roles

A player with the nickname Jack-Jewell decided to conduct the following experiment – he played ranking games at certain times (Solo/Duo queue) on the EUW server at the Silver level. He checked what role the autofill would assign him to, and he dutifully noted the results on a sheet. After playing about 123 games, he shared his observations and gathered information.

I did this because a few months ago I remembered a guy saying that people don’t want to play support and that’s why Fill always puts you in support and I wanted to see if he was correct. He wasn’t, people apparently hate playing the jungle (despite being a Jax Jungle main myself.)

The entire experiment lasted about 2-3 months. The player admitted that collecting information was sometimes painful – many times he played in a position he had no idea about and such games did not give him much joy.

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As you can see, the results are as follows:

  • mid – 6%,
  • top – 10%,
  • support – 19%,
  • ADC – 21%,
  • jungle – 45%.

The chart shows that autofill drops you into the jungle in almost 50% of the games. The ADCs and support roles are quite similar – both around 20% of matches. Mid collected the smallest amount of percent, which is probably not particularly surprising to anyone.