Perfect proof that an item with wards for support can save someone’s life

A clip of a player who was very lucky has appeared on the web.

As you know, in League of Legends, skills alone are not everything. Sometimes it takes a bit of luck to make an action successful. Probably many people know situations when someone got a level up at the last minute, which saved them from the enemy, or they shot the skill blindly, and it turned out that it fatally wounded one of the opponents who was hiding in the bushes.

Sometimes players would randomly steal the Baron with skills that take minimal damage or kill someone from the end of the map because they got caught in their trap that killed him with the Luden effect. This time it was no different and it was luck that saved the player from death. The situation is so special, however, because it was not caused by a level up, but something completely different.

Karma’s lucky situation

A player with the nickname xxxFioraxMaster18xxx uploaded a fragment of one of his games, which shows the perfect moment to upgrade an item for support. The author of the clip, who played Karma, put together the Spellthief’s Edge. As it is commonly known, this is one of the support items that require some steps to get an upgrade over time and allow the support to place wards.

Unique Passive – Quest: Earn 500 gold using this item to upgrade to Frostfang, gaining the WARDING active with 3 wards in stock.

However, the vision is not the only thing that the improvement of said item offers. Each subsequent upgrade increases the stats of the item. For example, Frostfang gives 15 ability power (instead of 8), 75% base mana regeneration (instead of 50%), 3 gold (instead of 2) every 10 seconds, and 70 health points (instead of 10).

It may seem that these are minor differences, but a clip that was recently released on the internet proves that sometimes such a small amount of health matters a lot.

The video starts with a gank on bot. Karthus from the red team notices that the opposing Karma has little HP, so he decides to kill her with an ult. The blue team ADC – Samira – decides to intervene and heals her support.

A split second later, you can see Karma’s health bar is slightly lengthening – this was done by upgrading Spellthief’s Blade to Frostfang. After the explosion of Karthus ult, the heroine escapes alive with the remnants of HP. The conclusion is simple – improving it saved her.

Many players have joked that the clip above is not evidence of a lucky coincidence, but as it is often said in the LoL community, “everything was calculated”.