League of Legends

Players will be able to earn exclusive rewards in the upcoming League of Legends Clash tournament

When will the next Clash tournament be held and what will be possible to win?

Clash is a regular tournament in League of Legends where teams of five can compete against other players at a similar level. This is a great solution for that part of the community that would like to try to compete in a slightly different form than the ranking ladder. Due to the upcoming MSI games, Clash will be offering additional special rewards.

What can you win in the upcoming clash?

This year, the fight for the MSI Cup will last two weekends – from 8 to 9 and from 29 to 30 May.

Below you can see the times in which the games of each tier will take place.

  • Tier IV
    • 16:45
  • Tier III
    • 19:00
  • Tier II
    • 19:45
  • Tier I
    • 20:15

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It is worth remembering that you will need to purchase a ticket to join the tournament. It can be purchased in the store for 990 BE or 195 RP in the basic version, or 975 in the premium version, which, according to the creators, will provide additional prizes to players participating in the game.

To celebrate this event, this tournament will offer you exclusive prizes instead of the usual for a premium ticket. In addition to the standard capsule rewards, you’ll also receive the Conqueror’s Loot:

  • Places 1-5 on each ladder will be rewarded with a random permanent Classic Conqueror skin (Karma, Varus, Alistar, or Nautilus).
  • Places 6-8 on each bracket will be rewarded with a shard of a classic Conqueror skin (Karma, Varus, Alistar, or Nautilus).