League of Legends

Presentation of new Pentakill skins in LoL – Pentakill Karthus, Viego, Olaf, Sona, Mordekaiser, Yorick, Kayle

As expected, we got to know the new skins that will soon be introduced to LoL.

As always, the presentation of new skins begins with videos made by Riot. They don’t show everything, but they are a good start. Then there are splash arts (we already have these at the bottom), and finally, there is an in-game presentation.

New skins are for:

  • Karthus,
  • Viego,
  • Olaf,
  • Sona,
  • Mordekaiser,
  • Yorick,
  • Kayle,
  • Tristana – as the only one not from the Pentakill series, but Hextech. She was previously revealed as part of the leak.

Hextech Tristana

Splash arts

There are three splash arts in total so far. Different characters are shown on all of them. It is not known yet if there will be any more.

In-game presentation

The last element is the presentation of skins directly in the game, in better quality than the Riot video.