Prestige skins for League of Legends will be free. Riot announces how it wants to change the system

Free Prestige Edition skins for League of Legends?

Prestige Skins, which appeared for the first time in 2018, were an amazing sensation and are something that every true main must have. As a result, many players wait for their hero to get their own Prestige.

In League of Legends, we can now get these skins in several different ways, but most of them are not free. Now it turns out that Riot is changing the system and we will be able to get it for free.

Prestige skins for free

There are currently several ways to get Prestige Editions of skins in LoL. We can purchase a pass and collect tokens or complete missions to earn Prestige Points. The only free method at the moment is getting chests, keys, and dropping, which is really tedious, but there is a small chance that we will get what we want.

However, this is about to change and, according to the Turkish League of Legends website, a system will be added, thanks to which we will get it for free after a long grind.

As we can see, that’s not all and “Ore” and the Hextech skins will also change, although it may be a translation error from Turkish. Nevertheless, a new currency is expected to appear in the store and players will receive more content related to it.

When will it be introduced? We know from official news that this system will not be rebuilt this year:

“Some of the Rioters working on this update have moved to other teams with great needs. We think it’s a good decision to bring as much content as possible across all Riot games, but it also means our update will be delayed until 2022.”

So far we have to wait for the possible effects of the work.