League of Legends

Renekton’s upcoming League of Legends skin will be truly unique. Why?

Renekton’s new legendary skin has caused quite a stir among LoL players.

The creators of League of Legends not only release much more skins than in the early years of production, but they are also much more extensive. Players often get small tastes found in the visual elements of hero models and skins issued to them.

This type of curiosities includes the helmet of the newly announced skin to Renekton. Why is it so special?

How is the helmet of the new Renekton skin supposed to work?

In the latest Renekton skin, players can take a look at its human version. A human head is hidden under the helmet, which will be visible when the hero is out of combat.

Another big feature of this skin is the helmet! It comes down when there’s no immediate danger and comes up when in combat, above 50 rage or (very) close to an enemy.

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Another extremely interesting solution is the HUD showing up while the champion’s ultimate is active.

PROJECT Renekton’s R displays a functional HUD.

The bar on the left is your rage.
The bar on the right is the remaining duration of the ult.

While you are in ultimate (not before, not after), kills will display a marker at the bottom of the screen, up to five for a Pentakill.

It’s worth noting that Riot has recently introduced a lot of skins that depict heroes in their human form. A good example is Spirit Blossom Thresh and Kindred or the newest skin for Xerath – Arcana.