League of Legends

Riot answers the stage at which the League of Legends Dr. Mundo rework is at

When will players be able to test the new incarnation of the reworked LoL hero?

Dr. Mundo is the champion chosen by players in a poll where they could vote for the next champ to get a complete VGU update.

The hero emerged victorious from this vote more than a year ago, and in January this year, fans could read more about what the work on the new version of the champion looks like, which could give the impression that the update will soon hit the test servers.

At what stage is work on the hero?

To this day, players have not learned any details about the release date of the hero’s rework. However, an entry from one of the Rioters appeared on the web, which may suggest that soon the community will be able to see Dr. Mundo in a new edition soon.

Ryan “Reav3” Miles – Lead Champion Producer wrote:

I will unofficially say that you all officially won’t need to wait much longer.

It is not known what exactly Rioter meant and whether the champion will actually be handed over to players in the upcoming updates. However, it is quite likely, judging from what stage the designers were at a few months ago.