League of Legends

Riot doesn’t rework older heroes in LoL because players don’t play them later

Players say Riot should be releasing more reworks. What do the developers have to say about that?

The League of Legends community has noticed that Riot Games is releasing fewer and fewer rework of characters and their models. Players claim that new mechanics or appearance not only increases the demand for skins but also significantly affects the comfort of playing a given champion.

The Rioter explaining the case has a completely different opinion and says that often rework is unprofitable, takes a lot of work, and then players do not want to play the reworked champions.

More rework? Probably not

An interesting thread about rework has appeared on Reddit. The author emphasized that developers should not stop doing them, because there are still many heroes who need to be reworked. Additionally, he divided the characters into two categories:

  • Urgently in need of changes, because their appearance and sometimes lore does not correspond to current standards:
    • Amumu, Skarner, Rammus, Shaco, Kassadin, Singed, Rumble, Corki, Cho’Gath
  • They don’t need major changes, but they could get a new model and better/smoother animations:
    • Graves, Twisted Fate, Leona, Diana, Veigar, Lulu, Anivia, Blitzcrank, Ashe, Malzahar, Malphite, Zilean

The list is large and it can be said that Riot should increase the frequency of reworking. However, Rioter, who commented on the topic, has a slightly different opinion. Riot Axes says they face two issues while working on the rework:

  • Players of a given character often give it up after the rework. The willingness to change is most often expressed by people who are not interested in the hero. This means that those who were not interested in it do not continue to play, and mains switch to the next hero.
  • The cost of reworking is much greater than creating a new character. It’s all because of the mass of skins that need to be changed and ultimately don’t pay off. Releasing new skins is just as profitable as updating old ones.

The players quickly began to argue with what the employee wrote. They noticed that some heroes were practically not played, and are now eagerly picked, such as Mordekaiser or Galio. Moreover, the “insufficient sale of skins” was also questioned. A user with the nickname Shuggieh pasted a few new skins on old models from before the rework and… it does not look good.

Is this evidence that the skins are selling well? Partly yes, but only for a small part of the heroes, and mostly new skins, which are always more hyped than the old ones.