League of Legends

Riot has released a new trailer for the Arcane series. This time on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the LPL

Another trailer for the animated series from League of Legends has appeared on the Internet.

Arcane is an animated series set in the world of Runeterra. As most people who follow this topic know – a large part of the plot will be centered around two famous sisters – Jinx and Vi.

Of course, this will not be the only attraction in the series. Riot wants to present the cities and their rules that are known from League of Legends. Of course, we are talking about Piltover and its district – Zaun. They are the focus of the new trailer for the series.

New Arcane trailer

Riot Games has released a video to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Chinese LPL. The clip was available on Weibo and Tencent Video. The trailer shows both Piltover and Zaun. You can find out that the city and its famous neighborhood were once united but divided, although they still work together.

Zaun is a large suburb located deep in the canyons and valleys of Piltover. Piltover itself is Valoran’s cultural center, where arts, crafts, trade and innovation stand hand in hand. It has always been a city where you can make a fortune and make your dreams come true.

On the new Arcane trailer you can see that both sides are getting ready for clashes. The people of Zaun, often poor and slum-dwellers (Zaun slums are the most densely populated and polluted place in all of Valoran), want a better life, while the Piltover elite lives so well that it’s hard for them to imagine anything better. Which side of the conflict will the viewer take?

During the trailer, there are shots with Vi and Jinx in the lead role, although this time they are not the main characters in the video.

Arcane is one of the most anticipated projects from Riot Games. Since the announcement that the creators of LoL are planning to release the series, thousands of players have been following every piece of information on it. For now, you can see that Riot is committed to its work and the series will probably be at a high level.