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Riot is struggling to fight the funneling strategy in League of Legends. Upcoming Taric changes

Taric players have noticed that they are not able to interact with Master Yi as much as before.

Funneling is a strategy that, in a nutshell, is based on focusing the power of two heroes only on one character. Usually, we are talking about an enchanter and a strong carry, whose task is to fight opponents.

Funneling was very often used on the Twisted Treeline map and fighting the team using it was really difficult. At one point, it was also introduced to the professional stage where the tactic proved to be incredibly effective. Although it has lost a lot of its power and popularity in recent times, players continue to use it.

Riot decided that the mentioned tactic is not healthy for the game and decided to fight it by nerfing individual items and champions. What change have Taric players spotted and how does it relate to funneling?

Taric’s upcoming nerfs

Taric players have observed that they are no longer able to heal or use W along with Master Yi when he is using his Q – Aplha Strike. The most recent fixes that affected Taric were in Update 11.1 and did not make any reference to this type of change.

The player Monstrous Yi posted a video on his social media clearly showing how these skills work now.

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In the removed Reddit thread, Riot Phlox decided to refer to this topic.

Champions who do not have a location marked when vanish, such as Q Master Yi or R Shaco, will not be able to interact with Taric. The problem will not arise when the champion position is represented in any way (Kayn during her ultimate or Kalista’s ball when she throws her ult at someone).

Will League of Legends players ever be able to use the funneling strategy again? Probably not in the near future, although further on – it is not known. Even the developers have no such information and everything may still change.