Riot is trolling LoL players once again – 2xKai’Sa in one team, because the client knows better

A bug has returned that causes any of the champions to be in the team twice.

A while back, players discovered a bug that was causing a lot of confusion on ARAMs. The idea was that the system drew two Teemos in one game. It wouldn’t be that weird if they were on opposite teams. Unfortunately, they both ended up in one, which, apart from the One For All mode, should not happen. You can read more about the whole situation here: Two Teemos in the team. Funny bug that allows two players to choose the same champion

It turns out that the bug has not been eliminated at all and still happens to random players. They are surprised every time because they do not expect that such a strange situation will apply to them. This time was no different. One player reported that two Kai’Sas appeared on his team.

Two Kai’Sas in one team

As mentioned above – the bug has been appearing for some time and although it is relatively rare, players have already reported several such cases. The whole situation only appears on Howling Abyss.

This time the doubled Kai’Sa seemed extremely strong. This combination gives a big advantage because the heroines could use each other’s passive abilities, as well as help each other in ulting (e.g. by hitting an opponent earlier with W).

Many players are shocked that Riot has completely ignored the problem that has attracted quite a lot of attention among the community. In the past, in addition to the Doubled Teemo, there was also a lot of talk about Double Varus.

The topic was so interesting that even the well-known Youtuber – Vandiril acknowledged it.

It is not known when the bug will be fixed. Gamers are losing hope as they feel Riot is not paying much attention to the ARAM community.

Yesterday, an article appeared that the developers omitted Howling Abyss fans in creating the PROJECT event missions because one of them is impossible to complete in ARAM – The ARAM players are furious. Riot has taken away their ability to complete all PROJECT missions.

Today, however, players are complaining about a bug with doubled characters. It remains to be hoped that eventually something will change and similar bugs will no longer make their way to League of Legends.