Riot just revealed the music theme of the next LoL champion? According to this theory, it’s Akshan’s motive

In one of the short cinematics of Riot, you could hear the musical theme of Akshan?

Recently, the attention of the League of Legends community has focused on a new character that was announced some time ago. Initially, Riot revealed that he would be another Sentinel of Light, and moreover, he would be similar to Lucian.

Some time later, the first leaks appeared showing the appearance of this champion (The appearance of two upcoming League of Legends characters leaked – Grumpy Yordl and the second Lucian). Eventually, the players learned his name – Akshan.

The melody of the new character?

A few days ago, a short video appeared on the official League of Legends profile showing how ruin is slowly taking over the world of Runeterra. At one point, however, the Sentinels of Light symbol appears, which probably refers to the newest hero, Akshan, who will soon find his way to the fields of justice.

One player believes that a 20-second melody that can be heard in 47 seconds is the main theme of the upcoming champion.

Senna and Lucian’s affairs aren’t looking too good right now, but maybe the arrival of a new Sentinel will give them new hope?

Champion is to be the next person who fights in the order Senna and Lucian come from. It is worth recalling that Riot announced that the creators’ goal was to design a shooter that would be perfect for mid lane, although it will differ from, for example, Tristana or Corki.