Riot must save this champion. The worst winrate in LoL results in a buff before the patch

Riot just announced new buffs for one of the League of Legends characters.

This could be one of the worst champion premieres ever. Introduced to LoL, Gwen has a very poor winrate at the moment. She is doing so badly that she takes three positions in the TOP 5 heroes with the lowest percentage of won games.

Riot must intervene, as a result of which a new bugfix with buffs was introduced at night. All of this just for Gwen. This is quite a unique situation that predicts a lot of trouble with Gwen in the future.

Buffs for Gwen

Gwen has around 38.6% winrate at the moment. It’s really bad compared to the standard that normally new characters attain. These typically boast around 45% of the games won. Only Yuumi did worse, with a record of 30.72% after her 2018 release.

In addition, Riot also took care of the damage from “Q”, increasing it appropriately. The changes are, of course, buffs to help the champion get rid of the title of a character with the lowest winrate.

It is difficult to say if this is enough. The champion seems the next one that will keep developers awake at night. Such quick changes are unlikely to herald anything good, as well as the winrate from the first days after the premiere.