League of Legends

Riot officially admits that they will change the meta in the coming weeks. Popular ones with nerfs, niche heroes with buffs

Riot’s plans for many future League of Legends updates.

As every year, a few months before the start of the World Cup, which is the largest and most prestigious tournament in League of Legends, the developers test new changes and try to adapt the gameplay to the pros. This time the changes will be really big. Riot mentioned that they will not go wild, but the information from the developers suggests otherwise.

Now one employee has shared what it will look like in updates 11.18 and 11.19. In total, these are three extensive pages of information. Rioter even joked that these are only Corki buffs.

Riot’s plans for Worlds 2021

Jeevun “Jag” Sidhu, lead game designer for Summoner’s Rift, tweeted three pages of the studio’s plans for upcoming patches. What can we read from all this:

What’s the reason for pro-focused character buffs and nerfs?

  • Watching extraordinary picks is more exciting,
  • Looking at the same picks every game can be boring,
  • Meta is more interesting to watch if pros create it,
  • As many people as possible should see their mains picked at such a huge tournament.

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What is Riot looking to achieve in the Worlds 2021 meta?

  • Focusing on professional games in such a way as not to break SoloQ
  • Riot aims to avoid changes that have a high chance of being reverted
  • Looking for opportunities to open up new options in the pro metagame

How will Riot build a pro meta?

  • The nerfs of the heroes who dominate the meta.
    • Example: If a hero is picked/banned in 80% of the games, reduce that factor to 40% of the games.
  • Looking for champions pros gave a chance and found them worthy of attention and buffed them a bit. Here it is about characters whose pick/ban is between 5 and 15%. Riot believes these champions have the potential and should be boosted to 30%. This is a very important point in all of these changes, as you may find your niche champions start to become very powerful.
  • Seeking out characters that have the potential in the hands of pros, but buffing them won’t change SoloQ much. Here, Rioter points out that this is quite controversial, because the heroes can simultaneously get buffs for the game at the highest level, and SoloQ players will only see nerfs in the changes.
  • Buffs will be rolled out in the two patches Worlds-A (11.18) and Worlds-B (11.19)

The developer also mentioned slight buffs, like the one for Lillia, and those that would make the heroes much more interesting for pros, such as execution by Draven if the opponent’s HP is lower than the number of his stacks. However, this was just an example, and we don’t know if Riot actually wants to introduce this.

On the one hand, Riot says they have no intention of making a revolution, on the other, it looks like a plan to completely change the meta.