League of Legends

Riot plans to allow LoL players to unlock skins for tokens in the upcoming event?

The leak of the Ruined Ahri skin concept and a mysterious line in the code that players have located.

League of Legends events are now mostly tied to passes, allowing players to earn tokens and spend them on content of their choice.

Along with the events, the game also included new skins, where you could unlock unique colors, frames or an icon. A mysterious entry has been found in the game files, which suggests that this time you will be able to buy something much more interesting with the tokens.

Will players be able to unlock the skin for free?

This is not the first time that LoL players have been looking at files to try to find out what the store content will be during an event. This time, they found a really interesting line in the code.

At the very bottom, you can find a mention of a new skin related to the Hextech workshop – MATERIAL_472_FORGE_40. At the moment, nothing else is known about it, but one fan shared the Ruined Ahri skin concept that leaked from the studio according to the source.

It’s hard to say what Riot’s really up to for their fans, but the Ruined King event is very relevant to the story of the Runeterra universe and can be unique in its own way.