Riot reveals that Senna’s passive early designs were completely broken. Why?

Players learned about Senna’s old passive skill projects that never made it into the game.

It often happens that the heroes of League of Legends are very different from their original versions. In the early stages, the developers test various mechanics that are sometimes really crazy. As a result, they usually don’t go into the game, as it could be extremely unhealthy, or simply buggy, causing Riot a lot of trouble.

It is no different in this case. One developer revealed that Senna’s passive ability initially looked different, and according to many, it was completely broken. Why?

Early design of Senna’s passive

There has been a lot of talk in the past about the insane abilities of many LoL heroes. An example is Shaco, who turned into a projectile, but disappeared from the game due to a bug. Xayah and Rakan also enjoyed an interesting design phase as they were initially vampires and relied on day and night mechanics.

The time has come to reveal some early ideas for Senna, and there are 3 of them. They were revealed by Riot August, who told about them during one of the streams.

Weakened Soul: Senna’s attacks and abilities on enemy champions apply the Mist effect for 4 seconds. When she starts attacking the target, this duration will increase to 0.75 seconds. She collects the Mist effect and deals additional physical damage based on the target’s maximum health if she applies it twice to the same champion (1-16 percent ). For a few seconds, The Redeemer cannot gather Mist on the same champion. Lifesteal has a 100% effectiveness with this bonus damage.

When an opponent dies near her, the Black Mist imprisons their spirits. The Mist will only last 8 seconds. Her basic attacks and abilities including Q – Piercing Darkness and R – Dawning Shadow use on Souls will provide one Mist stack, while killing Baron, Dragons, will produce two Mist.

Each Mist stack gives 0.75 extra AD. Senna gains 20 attack range and 10% crit chance for every 20 stacks. If her crit rate exceeds 100%, 35% of the extra crit stat is converted to lifesteal.

Her basic attacks deal 20% more physical damage and steal opponent champions’ movement speed for 0.5 seconds

Ideas were removed probably because they gave too much versatility and damage, which would be unhealthy for gameplay and difficult to balance. Riot probably did not want to work hard on the constant changes of Senna, which, as you know, would be problematic not only in terms of ordinary but also professional games.