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Riot reveals when Tahm Kench’s mini work in LoL will hit the servers. Everything you need to know

The creators have commented on the upcoming mini-work of one of the champions

A while back there was a separate article about players discovering an unannounced update for Tahm Kench (see: Tahm Kench from League of Legends will soon receive some big changes. How did players find out about this?). Today it is known that the changes revealed by the developers were not intentional and, as one of them admitted, it was a certain oversight on the part of the studio.

Information spread among the community, and curious fans flooded Riot with dozens of questions. The creators finally spoke about the rework. When will this one hit the servers?

About Tahm Kench’s mini-update

Riot Petrie, one of the main producers of the game, answered players’ questions. His statements show that the hero’s mini-work will appear in League of Legends soon.

We’re still committed to the Tahm Kench mini update and are planning to ship it this summer. We’re feeling good about the gameplay changes, which you may have seen in the recent Arcana PBE video. This was sadly a bit of an oversight and not a secret teaser, as we still need to update some of Kench’s animations before he’s unbenched.

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“In case you missed it, our plan for Tahm is to address some long-standing issues around pro binding. In other words, a lot of Tahm Kench’s current power is best utilized by highly-coordinated teams, which means he ends up much weaker for the rest of the player base. To address this power discrepancy, we’re planning to move Devour to his ultimate (and buff it) and turn his W into a less-coordination reliant engage tool (think Abyssal Voyage, but shorter range and just for Tahm Kench… and with some added CC).”

As we can read, the developers have prepared considerable skill changes for the hero. The update, however, will not happen soon, because – as Rioter said – Tahm Kench still needs some animation fixes. However, its changes can certainly be expected in the next few patches.