League of Legends

Riot will be changing the least used item in League of Legends. What will change?

Vigilant Wardstone is not very popular with players. The developers want to make it better.

With so many items, it is natural that some of them are much less popular than others. Nearly everyone sees Zhonya’s Hourglass or the Kraken Slayer on their way. However, there are also items that can be found in one out of a dozen games. Some players have even forgotten that such items even exist.

The popularity of this type of items usually does not exceed 1%. It turns out that there is an item which stats show a big zero – it appears so rarely that you don’t even see it in the summaries on the various pages. It’s about the Vigilant Wardstone.

Vigilant Wardstone in League of Legends

According to, the Vigilant Wardstone is currently the least purchased item in League of Legends. Its popularity is as low as 0.0%, so it can be assumed that hardly anyone uses it.

Czy to oznacza, że przedmiot jest aż tak beznadziejny? Na niekorzyść Vigilant Wardstone działa to, że do jego zakupu wymagany jest poziom 13. Jest to o tyle problematyczne, ponieważ postacie grające na supporcie często odstają z levelem przez częste przemieszanie się po mapie, śledzenie wizji czy pilnowanie objective’ów.

Gdy uda się osiągnąć poziom 13 okazuje się, że na liście przedmiotów znajdują się o wiele ciekawsze pozycje niż wspomniany wcześniej Baczny Kamienny Totem. W efekcie item jest kompletnie pomijany. Wielu graczy nawet nie wie, jak on działa, ponieważ nigdy nie mieli powodu, by czytać jego opis.

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Riot is aware of this situation, so they decided to change something – a refreshed version of the item has appeared on the test server, which no longer requires a level 13. Watchful Wardstone, a component part of Vigilant Wardstone, is to offer an additional 150 health points and 10 Ability Haste. Additionally, after completing the Support Quest and reaching level 13, the item will transform into the Vigilant Wardstone.

Once converted, the item will now offer different bonuses. From the description you can read that:

Vigilant Wardstone
Obtained by upgrading the Watchful Sightstone

  • 150 HP
  • 15 Ability Haste

Blessing of Ixtal: Increases AP, Ability Haste, Bonus AD and Bonus HP by 12%.
Arcane Cache: An item can store up to three Control Wards.
Behold: Increases the maximum amount of Stealth and Control Wards placed by 1.

As you can see, the item after the changes seems much more interesting and, according to some, it can even significantly change the meta. The increased limit of wards placed can have a significant impact on the gameplay. Players also appreciate the additional stats that this item will offer.