League of Legends

Riot will be nerfing Hecarim, but they don’t know exactly how to yet. Chemtank being the problem

Despite previous nerfs, the mighty Hecarim still wreaks havoc in the ranked queue.

Update 11.8 has been released on the official League of Legends servers tonight. 5 champions have been nerfed, but Hecarim has not been weakened.

This is not liked by players who think he is too strong and his current stats prove it. They also match Riot’s nerf requirements, but despite that, he stays the same. One of the employees explained the matter. What do you think about it and when can we expect nerfs?

Hecarim without a nerf

A few hours ago, the eighth patch of this year was introduced to League of Legends. Among other things, the Moonstone Renewer and Staff of Flowing Water combo have been changed.

However, the controversial Turbo Chemtank mythical item, which works great on Hecarim, has not been touched. This is one of the reasons why the champion is currently very strong, as shown by his statistics in the ranked queue above diamond.

As we can see, on average, he is banned in 70.5% of games, and his Win Rate is over 52% with a popularity of 14%. This means that we can consider him the OP champion who will either be banned or selected during a Hero’s Choice, which is not good for gameplay.

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Despite this, in the current patch, it has still not been nerfed and the developers have completely done nothing with it. One of Riot’s employees decided to comment on it:

We’re currently testing Hecarim changes for this patch. Ideally we find a way to just push power away from tank build into fighter builds.

It’s possible that we need to adjust Chemtank instead. The problem is that Chemtank is a pretty reasonable option on a lot of champions and a extremely powerful one on a handful that are heavily driving the meta (Udyr, Hecarim), so nerfs would have pretty major costs.

As you can read, the game designers are currently working on nerfs for the hero, testing him internally, and leaving Chemtank as it is now. All because it’s just plain good for most characters, but only for some of them it is particularly OP. And that’s the case with Hecarim and Udyr, on which it performs too well. As a result, the item seems to be OP, while the problem lies mostly with those champions.

We do not known how long the tests will take, but we will probably receive a patch in a few days that will introduce nerfs for the speedy Hec and, possibly, Udyr.