Rumble is one of the characters that currently dominates the professional LoL scene. Where does the hero’s strength come from?

Rumble’s incredible popularity in the jungle during professional games.

As of patch 11.9, Rumble is one of the top three champions in pro play. During the LPL period, it appeared in as many as 98% of games, and his win ratio does not fall below 50%. Rumble’s main weapon is how quickly he is able to clear camps, thanks to the fact that players have found that overheating can be achieved on the first level. This in turn is the result of a mistake.

Bug the cause of Rumble’s popularity

In the description of the hero’s passive skill, there is a mention that the heat will be reduced by 10 every second if no skill is used within 4 seconds. W on the first level has a cooldown of 6 seconds, which means that the heat level should be zero before the champion can use the ability again.

However, a bug has been found where the heat level starts to drop after a much longer time, which allows the heroes to achieve the overheating effect at the very beginning of the game.


According to the player who pointed out the issue, the bug has existed in League for 4 years, since patch 7.12 to be precise. Most players ignored him as it had little effect on Top lane Rumble.

The bug has already been noticed by the developers and they decided to release a fix that will eliminate it in the upcoming update and slightly increase the cooldown and the movement speed bonus of W (Earlier description of Update 11.13 in LoL. Detailed changes coming this patch).

A seemingly subtle change will mean that the hero will no longer be able to overheat on the first level, which will affect his speed of dealing with jungle camps.