Satisfying triple kill by two League of Legends tanks

A video has appeared on the web showing the triple kill by Ornn and Sion.

League of Legends players like various game snippets that capture interesting actions or funny plays. Often in this type of video, you can see that the protagonist of the recording perfectly masters the situations, keeps a cool head, and also really knows the champion he is leading. Such combinations are spectacular and many fans watch them with bated breath.

It also happens that a given play in the game looked simply spectacular, even if you did not need a skill straight from the professional Korean scene to perform it. Today’s video was simply described by many as satisfactory. The clip shows how the cooperation of two tanks ends – no one would like to be in the place of their opponents.

Ornn and Sion cooperation

One of the players who main Ornn posted a short video on Reddit showing a fragment from one of the matches. The video shows Ornn walking to his ally when he notices that he is surrounded by enemies – LeBlanc, Teemo, and Viego. The opponents hope to defeat Sion lost in their jungle. They don’t know yet that it won’t be that simple.

The author of the film uses his ultimate which places crowd controls on enemies. When Ornn manages to reach the ally – he tosses the group into the air. Sion finishes his work and shoots confused enemies with his Q.

The action ends with a triple kill for the blue team.

The commentators liked how Ornn and Sion leave the scene after a successful action like two best friends and as if nothing had ever happened there.