League of Legends

Serious Night Harvester bug in LoL. How can you protect yourself from damage caused by an item?

One of the most popular mythical items for AP characters has a serious bug.

Items in League of Legends are an extremely important element of the game, and in the case of the mythical item, they define the direction that the hero will take after purchase. This is mainly due to the abilities that most legendary and mythical items are endowed with.

However, this means that removing their unique abilities renders the item virtually useless, and as it turns out, there is a bug in the game that could accidentally lead to something like this. What item is affected by this and how can it be triggered?

Immunity to Night Harvester

Night Harvester is a mythical item that entered League of Legends in the preseason in Update 10.23. It offers bonus damage to AP characters who specialize in bursting vulnerable targets. A user with the nickname Peppsy has discovered that there is a way to protect against the damage done by this item’s ability in the game.

The player shared the information about deactivating the item in a short clip that he decided to post on the web.

If an opponent goes into stasis, which can be applied with Bard’s ultimate – Tempered Fare, Zhonya’s Hourglass, and Stopwatch, and Night Harvester is bought while the effect lasts, that enemy will be ignored by the item’s effect until the end of the game.

It looks as if the system was scanning and saving enemies that could be hit by this skill when purchasing an item. If it is stagnant during the purchase, it will not be added to the list and will not be able to be targeted.

This is definitely a bug, but Riot has yet to address it. A bug can be tested and experimented with in a training tool or a custom game, but it is worth remembering that using bugs to your advantage in games against other players may be noticed by the creators, which may result in account ban.