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Should there be a jungle tutorial in League of Legends?

Should Riot Games introduce a jungler guide?

When we create an account in League of Legends and join the game for the first time, we will come across a few tutorials. While they consist of basic knowledge, it gives you an idea of what the League is all about.

However, this does not apply to the jungle, which, according to many, is the most difficult role and requires hours of practice and training. New players must learn from the Internet or more experienced colleagues because the game does not offer any guides.

Tutorial for junglers

LoL is a complex game. To get to know it well, we need a really large amount of time. And that taking only knowledge of characters, their skills, or items under consideration. In addition, you need to know various tactics, places to place wards, and priorities on a given line. And much, much more.

Although new players get tutorials on how to play on the line at the very beginning, it is only after some time that they learn from other players what the jungle actually is.

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This means that there is absolutely no hint to beginners in League of Legends that there is such a role. In addition, if they need information, they have to look for it in YouTube guides or ask other fans. Some believe that this is why there are so few junglers.

We should also remember that practicing the jungle requires a lot of time and patience. Incompetent ganks, unfamiliarity with the map, and the macro may not appeal to teammates who find it very easy to blame the jungler for losing the game.

Perhaps in the future, Riot will introduce tips for this role to League as well, but at the moment, only YouTube and the Training Tool are left to get knowledge.