Sion in the new LoL mode thanks to Cho’Gath’s ult has become bigger than the Nexus and won the game by himself

Sion of massive proportions in the new game mode for League of Legends.

The Ultimate Spellbook mode has been on live servers for several days, and players can enjoy completely new experiences. The game looks completely different due to another character’s extra ultimate instead of one of the summoner spells.

This led to many unusual situations, one of which was the gigantic Sion, who had gained his size thanks to Cho’Gath’s ultimate ability.

Raid boss Sion

Such a large number of HP allowed the user with the nickname DaKaolla, who decided to share a clip from his game, to run straight under the enemy Nexus alone and focus all opponents on himself. Although they tried to kill him, the hero did not give up for a long time.

Champion with his ultimate invaded the enemy base. Thanks to the extra HP he managed to collect with Cho’Gath’s ult throughout the game, the Nexus tower made no impression on the character. By the time the turret was destroyed, both teams had already reached Sion and a fight ensued between the two teams.

Eventually, Sion fell, but thanks to his passive ability, he was able to perform the last few blows that finished off the enemy Nexus.

Commenting on the video, players mainly pay attention to the impressive size of the hero and the fact that the word “backdoor” used by the author does not fully reflect what happened in the game.

By “backdoor” you probably meant a kickick the front door and shouting “knock knock, motherf *** er” out loud.

The word “frontdoor” was also mockingly mentioned, due to the fact that the Sion player did not even try to not draw attention to himself.