League of Legends

Six years ago, the weirdest hero the game has ever seen made its way to League of Legends. Why him?

This rework gave the hero some of the most remarkable tools in LoL.

Many heroes have come to League of Legends and have been considered bizarre by the community for a variety of reasons. This often refers to the mechanics used by the chosen champion. The newer the character, the more the developers tried to diversify its gameplay. There is, however, a hero who, although he came to the game over 6 years ago, is still able to surprise with what he offered to players.

It was so strange that players have no problem calling it the strangest experiment Riot has ever carried out. Where did these conclusions come from and why was there a discussion about it again?


Mordekaiser’s first rework

On August 20, 2015, update 5.16 was released on live servers. However, this was not a regular patch, where only standard champion balancing fixes and new skins could be found. It was a well-known Juggernaut Update that messed up a lot mainly in the top lane. A lot of changes were made, mainly defensive items, and two well-known Sterak’s Gage and Titanic Hydra were added.

Bigger changes were made to Darius, Garen, Skarner and Mordekaiser, of which the last two characters got a complete update of their skillets. In the case of Mordekaiser, however, we can talk about a really big breakthrough. His passive ability turned HP into a shield and allowed him to control the dragon.

Q was an ability to upgrade 3 consecutive attacks, the last of which dealt nine times more damage than the first. W’s passive ability meant that he didn’t have to be alone near the minions he had killed to receive the full experience value, and the activated W worked so that nearly no one knew how to use it.

The Champion tagged his ally for 4 seconds and they both got extra speed towards each other, and when they were in close proximity to each other, a damage aura was generated around both champions. The ability could be reused to deal damage to nearby enemies and restore Mordekaiser’s HP for each target hit.

E worked exactly like Annie’s W, and the ultimate allowed him to create a clone of a downed enemy that Mordekaiser could control.

Due to his W champion, he was great in the role of support, which he quickly dominated. Another advantage was the dragon, which could be taken over by Mordekaiser. He is fought for much more often in bot lane. The build that worked best was also really weird – Relic Shield, Rylai’s, Sterak’s, Gunblade, and something that would usually build a tank. In the inventory, you could find items for diametrically different classes.

Mordekaiser’s rework was the biggest change to the 5.16 juggernaut update and is the main reason behind this champion’s lightning 98% ban ratio during Worlds 2015. He has become the most iconic champion in League, and the ability to control the dragon is still a mechanic that the community recalls to this day. It all made the hero have his jump in popularity and then simply disappeared. His popularity returned only 4 years later, in 2019.

A hero’s skillset from 2015 can surprise even today. Despite the fact that League of Legends includes really complicated characters, such as Aphelios, Viego, or Akshan, the possibility of taking over a dragon or creating a clone of your opponent is still really impressive.