League of Legends

Skin names will be changed. Why does Riot want to do this at all?

Rioters admit that some skin names are already too long and some changes need to be considered.

The names of the skin series in LoL can be really different. Some are just one short word, such as Pax. However, there are also those that are very extensive and it is not about skins from the Battle Academy or Star Guardian series, but for example K / DA ALL OUT Prestige Edition or Pentakill III: Lost Chapter. Increasingly longer names don’t look very good on the loading screen, as the font needs to be scaled down to fit the name at all in its frame.

The fact that the names are getting longer and longer has been noticed not only by the players, but also by the creators themselves. They felt that something had to be done about it. What are their plans?

Too long skin names in LoL

One of the Rioters – Ken Adams NSA spoke about the long skin names. He admitted that this is a real problem and developers will work on it. However, it will not happen in the coming days, but only next year.

Yeeeaaaa this is something we’re gonna try and rein in a bit next year if we can swing it.

So it is known that Riot wants to limit the number of characters in skin titles. However, this is not the only information on this topic. It turns out that the approach to prestigious skins will also change. For a long time, players have abbreviated the name of these types of skins because they are simply too complex. When someone mentions Prestigious Senna or Prestigious Soraka, everyone knows exactly what they mean. Ken Adams wrote:

Yera, that’s exactly what we’re thinking. Colloquially, we all already refer to these as “Prestige SKINNAME” so I think we’ll make that official alongside a few other changes.

Gamers commenting on this topic noted that a complete renaming of the prestigious skins is not necessary as it would be enough to convert them from, for example, “Yasuo with True Damage (Prestige Edition)” to Prestige Yasuo with True Damage.