Spectacular 1v5 pentakill by Samira from League of Legends

A video has appeared on the web that shows Samira and the pentakill made alone.

Penta kill is always quite an achievement that almost every League of Legends player enjoys. Sometimes it requires a lot of luck and the team’s help, but sometimes it is possible to defeat the entire opposing team completely solo. Such moments are the most enjoyable because it can be said that 100% of the credit goes to a specific player.

This time this achievement was made by lonely Samira. The video did not gain popularity due to the fact that the heroine played remarkably well, but because the opponents tried to outplay her. You have to see it for yourself.

Pentakill performed by Samira

It is often said that a good League of Legends player not only understands how heroes work but is also well versed in various mechanics and item cooldowns. The play in today’s clip shows that knowing how items work is extremely important and can significantly affect the outcome of the match.

The video shows the action in the mid, during which the blue team wanted to defeat the opposing Samira. The match lasted over 30 minutes and the statistics of both teams were quite even. The Red ADC was a big threat though, as he was heavily fed up. No wonder that the blues decided to join forces in the fight against her.

At one point, Samira’s Guardian Angel began to resurrect her. Unfortunately, the opponents miscalculated it and wasted most of their abilities – including Ezreal or Pyke’s ultimate.

The blue team was in a really bad situation, and the resurrected heroine made the most of this moment – in the blink of an eye, she defeated all the enemies around her, getting a pentakill.

The video has gained enormous popularity because it perfectly demonstrates the importance of knowledge of items in League of Legends. If the opponents had better counted the duration of Guardian Angel’s operation, everything would have turned out differently.