League of Legends

Streamer finds out why so few people play Skarner, it’s another bug in the LoL client

Interesting reason for Skarner’s low popularity.

Skarner needs no description, it became immensely popular a few months ago when Seraphine joined League of Legends. The opponents of the new character began to support the scorpion due to the fact that she uses crystals in which members of its family are located.

Although the conflict between these two was really big, the popularity of the old champion did not increase at all. Still, no one wants to play it, and the community laughs that it’s because of a strange bug on the EUW server.

Skarner not available for purchase

One of the League of Legends streamers who really likes Skarner has decided to switch to his account on the EUW server. Although he does not play his matches at the moment, he comments on the top-notch matches and bases his streams on that. However, viewers, surprised that such a huge fan of the Crystal Guardian did not have it on his new account, asked him to finally buy him.

Of course, that happened too, and Captainflowers22 went over to the Champions tab to fulfill the goal, and as it turned out, the client decided that he couldn’t buy it.

Therefore, players quickly recognized that this was the main mistake, why the character does not have more maines and is so unpopular. All because it can no longer be purchased on new accounts.

Of course, the situation is just a meme and probably after a customer reset or an attempt to buy a champion through the store, everything would work out.